Hayfever DiaryAndroid app on Google Play

The Hay Fever Diary allows you to track your symptoms and feelings every day. Using this personal tracker helps you determine the causes of hay fever and effectiveness of certain remedies. Hay Fever’s Goal is to better the understanding of your allergy so can determine which pollen has the highest impact on your overall heath. In addition, it helps determine if certain medication really helps alleviate your condition. Simply, because you cannot remember. Is it better or worse? Hay Fever Diary can really help you with it’s advanced statistics and charts.



Features include:

  • Add your own personal entries
  • Retrieve current weather and location for use in your personal entry
  • Overview of current high level pollen
  • Complete statistics such as impact of various symptoms and comparison of those symptoms compared to your overall feeling
  • Full category management for medication, symptoms and pollen (customize your own medication etc)
  • Daily reminder so you don’t forget to make an entry. It is important to create an entry every day to better understand the impact of your allergy and the effectiveness of possible remedies.
  • Pollen Calendars for Germany and UK
  • Full detailed knowledge base of plants and trees that cause hay fever
  • Pollen flight time calendar for the complete year
  • Hay Fever Diary uses a built in pollen calendar.
  • Lite version is limited to 10 entries
  • Pro version available with many more features, including:
    • Unlimited entries
    • No Ads
    • Many Charts including medication comparison, homeopathic medication comparison, pollen impact and weather impact.
    • Cloud backup and restore to secure your data

Hay Fever Diary is available on the Google Play Store

A Free Lite version of the Hay Fever Diary is also available.

Hay Fever Diary